All about Olivia Rouyre’s parents, her boyfriend, and her acting career

Olivia Rouyre is a social media star and upcoming actor with 790K followers on her self-titled YouTube channel. Rouyre posted the first video on her channel in January 2015, earning more than 10K followers within a few months of its release. Her following grew steadily over the years as she diversified her content to include vlogs, fashion hauls, and storytime videos.

Rouyre also benefited from collaborating with other YouTubers. Griffin Arnlund, Tatiana Ringsby, Eliza Rose, and Olivia formed the YouTube collective known as The Rad and Reckless. The group disbanded, but Olivia found other stars to create content with, including Amanda Pavillard and Emma Chamberlain.

This piece will look at Olivia’s parents, her boyfriend, and her acting career.

Contrary to popular opinion, Olivia didn’t grow up rich

Olivia Rouyre was born on 29th July 1999 in Belgium. Rouyre, her sister Sixtine, and their parents relocated to Fort Worth, Texas, when she was young. Sixtine is a model based in New York.

Rouyre is quite secretive about her family life, and she is yet to reveal her parent’s identity. Her mom recently appeared in a baking video alongside Olivia in which the pair communicated in their native French. While not as fluent as her mom, Olivia demonstrated that she is quite adept at communicating in her native language.

A common misconception about Olivia is that she grew up in a rich family. Olivia debunked this rumor in an assumptions video posted on 12th April 2020:

“Absolutely not! I grew up not in like a rich household at all. I definitely did not grow up with an extravagant lifestyle – being able to buy anything, whatever I wanted. We had everything we needed like basics and stuff, but we definitely weren’t a rich family. That was not my vibe at all growing up.”

Olivia added that she’s fully supported herself since she started her social media career.

It’s unclear whether Olivia’s relationship with Mikey Murphy still exists because she is so secretive about it

Olivia Rouyre and her fellow YouTuber Mikey Murphy started dating in January 2019. The couple didn’t post photos of each other on social media, but fans suspected that they were together. It, therefore, wasn’t surprising when they wished each other a happy anniversary via Instagram in January 2020.

Rouyre addressed the reasoning behind her secretive relationship in her assumptions video. She explained that she feels like that part of her life is too personal for her to share:

“Not my favorite thing to share in the world because I don’t think it is for everybody else to put their opinions into. Relationships are very special, and I don’t think it’s for everybody else, which may seem selfish because I did put my life on the platform, but I don’t like to invite other people’s opinions on that aspect of my life.”

Due to Olivia’s secrecy, we can’t tell for sure if her relationship with Mikey still exists. Both Mikey and Olivia deleted their January 2020 Instagram anniversary posts, which might be a sign of trouble in paradise. However, the anniversary post on Mikey’s Twitter page is still live. Unfortunately, we might have to keep guessing for a while because Olivia is unlikely to open up about her love life.

Olivia’s acting career is on the rise and she is worried that it might affect her YouTube career

Olivia caught the acting bug when she was very young. She loved putting on shows for her family, playing other characters, and doing accents. She also went to theatre camp and became a regular participant in musical theatre. “I think it is the most absolute fun thing in the world because you get to be – I don’t even think somebody else for a day – I think you are playing a different version of yourself you don’t present every day,” she said in a Q&A posted on 9th August 2020.

Rouyre stated that she wasn’t famous for theatre in school, but she loved being around her theatre friends. After graduating from high school online, Olivia started auditioning for roles. She admits that it was scary thinking about getting into such a competitive field, but she did it anyway because of her love for acting. “I still get freaked out, but I feel [it] less now,” she added.

Olivia’s persistent auditioning finally paid off as she will play a leading role in Zero Road. She will also play a role in the 2021 short film Righteous Path. Rouyre described her first day on set as the happiest day of her life.

Will Olivia’s rising acting career affect her YouTube career? The short answer is yes. However, Olivia explained that her content will change, but she will keep posting as long as her fans yearn for content. She stated in her assumptions video:

“I am very conscious about my YouTube intertwining with my acting. I don’t ever want to do something in my YouTube career that will harm my acting career in the future if that makes sense. Definitely, it is harder for me to find content that I want to film, but I still love it, and if you guys love it, then I am happy.”