Is Bid For Love a true story? The film’s real-life inspiration detailed

In Arthur Muhammad’s June 2022 BET film Bid For Love, Sasha gets injured and spends time in prison for her drug-trafficking ex-boyfriend. She leaves prison determined to get her life back on track and falls right into the arms of Malik, who showers her with gifts and lands her a real-estate job. 

Sasha can’t believe her luck, but she soon starts seeing Malik’s true colors. Her new lover uses gifts and her criminal past to manipulate and alienate her from her friends. Thankfully, her friends and family open her eyes to Malik’s evil ways, preventing her from falling back into past habits. 

Bid For Love is based on the real-life story of playwright Lawainna Patterson. The story has featured in numerous theater productions and, thanks to BET, has received its deserved onscreen treatment. Lawainna, the project’s executive producer, convinced Arthur Muhammad to direct the film. 

After years of presenting her work on theater stages, the 54-year-old Patterson got her shot at an onscreen production. She told CBS News:

“You can always move forward no matter where you are. Just make sure whatever you want to do, you do it and do it to the best of your ability.”

She also talked about the lessons she hopes people draw from the film: “It’s real and it’s authentic. And I think just people need to know about who you are dating and when you are dating someone, is it love or is it all a facade.”