Who is Dan Bilzerian’s wife? Marriage rumors debunked

Dan Bilzerian is a polarizing character that seems to enjoy the playboy lifestyle. Bilzerian found fame as the son of convicted felon Paul Bilzerian. However, he created a name outside his father’s influence as a skilled poker player and a social media star, dubbing himself the ‘King of Instagram.’

Bilzerian posted photos of his lavish lifestyle, completed with expensive clothing, cigars, and parties filled with scantily dressed women. In a recent interview with Adam22 on No Jumper, Dan admitted to traveling with up to eight women during holidays and having sex with them all. 

Therefore, it surprised many when Dan posted a wedding photo of himself in late June 2022. 

It’s unlikely that Dan is married, but he claims to be in a serious relationship

“I finally did it,” Dan captioned a photo of himself and an unidentified woman in a wedding setting. The image and caption suggested that Dan had finally settled down with one woman. 

However, despite Dan and his companion wearing rings, it’s unlikely that Dan is married. The woman’s attire suggests she is a bridesmaid rather than the bride in the ceremony. We are past the age of brides only wearing white, but it’s still the prevalent color among brides. 

Furthermore, Dan’s past comments about marriage suggest he’ll never marry a girl. “If you are thinking about getting married, just remember, one vagina for the rest of your life… Not smart,” Bilzerian said in 2014

Bilzerian might not have gotten married, but he told Adam22 that he’s currently committed to one woman. Dan said that he’d taken a trip to Thailand with three women before realizing he didn’t have the time to attend to all of them while participating in other activities. 

Therefore, he sent two of them home, leaving him with one he really liked. Dan said the lady he’s dating arrived at a time in his life when he wanted to settle. “A lot of it is just timing,” Dan said. He continued:

“I go in cycles too. I’ll be single and fucking going crazy for a while and then I’ll just be like okay I don’t want to fucking do this anymore. There’s been girls that I’ve dated that weren’t even that amazing. I was just so tired of this.”

Bilzerian said at times, he gets tempted into pursuing other girls. “If I’m hanging out at my house and I got fucking eight big titty girls fucking bobbing around at the pool and fucking drinking and fucking running around topless then it’s like okay now were thinking about pussy again.”

The identity of Dan’s girlfriend is unclear, but some reports suspect she is Instagram model Sofia Bevarly.