Giethoorn: A Village With Canals And Thatched-Roof Cottages

The Netherlands abounds in natural beauty with its many rugged mountains and thick forests that seem like out of a fairytale story. Now you can explore it through tourist packages which are designed to take you right into the heart of wilderness where you can experience breathtaking natural beauty like never before. 

Fly to Amsterdam And Reach Giethoorn Village Through Road To Explore Its Traditions, Beauty And History 

The quaint villages across the country offer many scenic locations for exploring, through which you can enjoy nature at its closest. Reach Amsterdam through KLM flights and book a package that lets you explore them in the best way. One such village that is a must-visit is Giethoorn.

Inside the province of Overijssel, Netherlands, is a lovely, laid-back village called Giethoorn. The most unusual feature about it is that it does not have any cars as a means of transport. The only way to get around this place is through waterways using a boat. It is charming and idyllic, away from modernity, and covered by four miles of canals. Visiting it is a lovely experience, one that gets you closer to nature, its beauty, and serenity. If you need to visit anyone in their house, there is only one way to do it: by using the waterways.

If you were to come here from Amsterdam, you would need to take a car. The time taken would be one and a half hours, and after reaching this place, the vehicle must be parked in the village centre. Whatever exploring you want to do has to be done either on foot, using a rental bike, or taking the canoe. As you explore this place, you will find that time comes to a standstill here because it is so tranquil. There is a story about this village, according to which it was created by a group of fairies because they were so impressed by this particular area that had so much water in it that they used their wands to make canals. They still existed years later, ensuring that the people who lived were happy and lived well.

Now the magic of those fairies still lives on, with so many tourists coming here every year. The quality that attracts them is the quant and old charm that exists in this place in the form of thatched roof homes and punters or boats used to commute around the place. The lovely, colourful flowers, overflowing streams, and serene waters fill this place with happiness.

One of the key places to visit is the Museum Giethoorn’t Olde Maat Uus, where you can experience traditional village life as it was in the early 1900s. The old-world charm is present in the kitchen, clothing, and artefacts. The efforts put into maintaining this museum show how much the people here want to preserve the village’s history and show it to visitors.

Visit the beautiful De Weerribben-Wieden National Park, where you can explore the village’s natural beauty at its best. In this place, you can see a vast network of beautiful canals and lakes that are abundant in aquatic life. There are so many types of aquatic flora and fauna that you can sightsee and photograph. Renting a kayak helps to explore the waters and their lovely plants and animals in closer quarters.

If you like to study the earth’s geological history, you would certainly want to visit the De Oude Aarde. It has a fascinating display of various gemstones, minerals, and ancient fossils, and you will be given details about their qualities. Seeing such myriads of precious stones with lovely colours and textures is a fabulous experience. You can take part in gemstone mining, which helps you take home a souvenir. The museum also has a shop where you can buy beautiful gemstone jewellery.

Make a visit to the Gloria Maris Schelpengalerie, which is a gallery that showcases the most amazing collection of seashells. You can see them in so many varieties, colours, shapes, and sizes, and they are arranged in lovely patterns. It is not just wonderful to view them but also educational as to what organisms live inside them and how they form a part of the larger marine life.

Visiting Giethoorn Is Unique and Special 

Giethoorn is a place that offers unique sightseeing opportunities that will make you learn more about nature, ancient life, and living amidst the beauty of wild nature. KLM flights offer direct access to Amsterdam from your capital city. After reaching here, book a tour package that lets you explore the many facets of Giethoorn village. You will find it a fascinating place to enjoy, as it will cut you off from the rest of the world and take you into a magical world where time stands still.