Inside Jenna Ortega’s life, parents and boyfriend

Jenna Marie Ortega is an American actress who gained fame for playing Young Jane on the romantic series Jane the Virgin. Her performance as Harley Diaz in Stuck in the Middle earned her an Imagen Award for Best Young Actor on Television in 2018. Ortega made her mainstream debut in Netflix’s You, in which she portrayed Ellie Alves.

Marie starred again in the horror/thriller genre as Phoebe in The Babysitter: Killer Queen. Ortega’s role in 2021’s The Fallout is considered her breakout film role. Marie played Vada in the Megan Park-directed high school drama film. The piece will look at Ortega’s personal life.

Marie feels that her Latina heritage hindered her early career progression

Jenna Ortega was born on 27th September 2002 in Coachella Valley, California, to Edward and Natalie Ortega. Ortega grew up alongside five siblings: Markus, Isaac, Mia, Aaliyah, and Mariah. 

Ortega describes herself as 75% Mexican and 25% Puerto Rican. Her father is 100% Mexican, but his family moved to California decades before he was born. Jenna’s maternal great-grandmother moved from Mexico to the United States in search of a better life for her daughters. 

Her maternal grandfather was born in Puerto Rico, moved to New York as a baby, and eventually settled in California. Ortega’s father, Edward, grew up in English-speaking America, and therefore, did not know Spanish. 

Jenna’s great-grandmother insisted that her daughters learn English to avoid drawing attention to themselves. By the time Jenna was born, Spanish had almost completely eroded from the family. Edward and Natalie’s attempts to teach their offspring Spanish ended in frustration. Ortega wrote on Popsugar:

“The plan was for her [Natalie] to speak it [Spanish] and for my father to speak English so that we could learn both languages. The problem was, my father could not understand what my mom would tell us in Spanish, and his constant questioning became too much for her.”

The Spanish language might have eroded, but there are aspects of Spanish culture present in the family. For instance, Jenna always had a piñata at all of her birthdays growing up. The family also enjoys Spanish cuisine. Unfortunately, Ortega’s Latina roots proved to be a hindrance in her young career. She explained:

“When I first started out, it was hard. I was constantly shut down because I did not have the look they were going for. You have to keep pushing. All of the nos I received just motivated me even more. I wanted to change the casting directors’ point of view. I wanted to get rid of that description.”

Fortunately, the perception of Latina actors in Hollywood is changing. “I see more of my fellow Latinas rising up, and that makes me very proud,” she said. “I am blessed with the opportunities I have been given and I am extremely proud of where I come from.”

Marie has been linked with Asher Angel and Jacob Sartorius but she denied dating either of them

Jenna and Asher Angel were first linked when they were spotted hanging around together in 2018. They were seen out on a date at Universal Horror Nights, attended a fashion show together, and appeared on the red carpet together. The pair appeared to confirm their relationship when they wore coordinated Halloween costumes. Marie and Angel dressed up as former couple Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson.

Jacob and Marie were linked in 2017 after people spotted the pair hanging out in New York. It turned out that they were shooting the video for Jacob’s single Chapstick. The pair enjoyed an adorable date, ate ice cream, and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge together. Jacob and Marie certainly gave out a romantic vibe, but it was all for show.

Sartorius stated that the pair had chemistry both on and off screen, but referred to Ortega as just a friend. “We’re really good friends, and she’s really nice,” Jacob told J-14 Magazine. “It was really fun to film the video. She’s really nice, so we had good chemistry on camera and off.”

Ortega later denied being a relationship with either Asher or Jacob. In fact, she denied all internet dating rumors about her. “According to the internet, I dated like six guys, [but I] dated none of them,” Ortega stated on the Just Between Us podcast.

As far as we can tell, Jenna Ortega is single.