Everything we know about Megan Fox’s parents

Megan Fox stole the show twice in a couple of days: First, with a naked gown at the 2021 VMAs, and several hours later, with a beaded red gown at the Met Gala. Machine Gun Kelly, Megan’s boyfriend, accompanied Fox at the VMAs and received praise from Fox for inspiring the outfit. 

In July 2021, Fox lamented being a working mom in Hollywood. She stated that the media frequently asks where her kids are but fails to ask her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green, the same question. “I have to leave and sometimes I don’t want them [kids] to photographed,” Megan told InStyle

In light of Megan’s comments, let’s look at Megan Fox’s parents. 

Megan was raised by a strict stepfather who prevented her from having a boyfriend

Megan Fox was born on 16th May 1986 to Gloria Darlene and Franklin Thomas Fox in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Franklin, a parole officer, and Gloria divorced when Megan was three. 

Darlene later married Fox’s stepfather Tony Tonachio, who relocated the family to Port St. Lucie, Florida. The religious Tony raised Fox and her sister under strict Pentecostal rules. They weren’t allowed to have boyfriends or have friends over. “I was always alone,” Fox told The New York Times.

The strictness fueled Megan’s rebellious nature; she often got in trouble for stealing her mom’s car. “I hated authority figures telling me what to do,” Fox said. Megan enjoyed doing what authority figures warned her from doing:

“I was wearing the smallest clothes I could find. My mom wouldn’t let me dye my hair blond, but I used Sun-In, and I had orange hair for two years. What can I say? It was Florida. But my mom was right: being brunette was the one thing that made me memorable. I didn’t look like anybody else. So I clung to that.”

Megan didn’t inform her parents when she married Brian Austin Green during a trip to Hawaii in June 2010. Nevertheless, Megan’s dad appreciated that she looked happy alongside Green. Per Hello Magazine, Megan’s dad said:

“Megan gave me a call after the ceremony and then sent a photograph of her and Brian with her iPhone. My daughter looked very happy in the photograph that she sent me.”

Fox claims that her mother thought that she wouldn’t make it as an actor

Megan caught the acting bug as a young child, partly due to her mother. When Megan was about 4 or 5, she watched Wizard of Oz and instructed Darlene to refer to her as Dorothy. 

“When my mom explained to me that Dorothy was not real, that an actress plays her, I decided I wanted to be an actress,” Megan said. However, Megan didn’t pursue acting classes. 

Aged 15, Megan auditioned to be an extra in Bad Boys II. James Bay, who Megan would later compare to Adolf Hitler, approved her and offered $500 if Megan agreed to get wet. She explained:

“I was thrilled to get wet. I was still a child, but for those two days I was being treated like a grown woman. I felt like I should be in a bikini dancing under a waterfall: that is where I thought I belonged.”

She later convinced her mother to move with her to Los Angeles to expose her to better acting opportunities. Darlene returned to Florida after Megan turned 18. Fox claims that her mother never backed her to make it as an actor:

“My mother never really believed that I would be successful, but I never second-guessed it at all. I never once even got depressed. I’m my own thing. I don’t feel like there’s anyone else like me.”