Suzy Perez’ story: Everything you need to know

Suzy Perez was one of the vixens of the early 2000s. The Dominican-born model stood out with her long, dark hair, caramel complexion, and to-die-for body. Perez was a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez and worked with P Diddy. Suzy was also a magazine photographer’s muse, appearing on the front pages of several outlets. 

Unfortunately, Suzy Perez’s life took a turn for the worst; mental health issues and drug addiction sparked her downward spiral. Thanks to a television feature, Suzy’s seemed to be on the path to recovery, but her renaissance was short-lived. Let’s take a closer look at Suzy Perez’s story. 

Suzy’s deal with a modeling agency should have improved her career. However, the men running the agency had sinister plans for Perez. 

Reports state that unknown men drugged, raped, and brutalized Perez. Suzy’s body grew accustomed to drugs, leading to addiction. 

She vanished for several months before reappearing as a shell of her former self. She was discovered on the streets of New York in 2005, eating out of trash cans and begging for money. 

Suzy reportedly told her story to anyone who wanted to listen. However, few offered to help her beyond giving her money or food. 

In 2019, Genela Solano of Univision exposed Suzy’s plight to the public. Suzy told Solano that she’d battled heroin addiction for several years. Perez also said that her mother’s death destabilized her life, and she’d failed to regain control. 

Suzy added that she had a child. “I love you and want you to know you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Perez said to the cameras.

Three days later, Suzy and her child, Senna Celestino, shared an emotional reunion. A sobbing Perez declared that she would fight to get her life back on track. 

Suzy created an Instagram account, where she posted images showing her stunning progress. Photos showed that Perez had gained weight and her captions radiated positivity. Fans posted motivational messages celebrating the former beauty queen’s recovery. 

However, Suzy Perez relapsed and returned to the streets. She hasn’t updated her Instagram account since April 2020.

Suzy’s family supported Suzy emotionally and financially. When the money ran out, they asked the public for support, and people funded the family’s GoFundMe campaign. 

They were likely the most devastated when Suzy relapsed. Senna urged people in since-deleted Tweet to stop lending money to Suzy as she would use the cash for drugs. 

“I appreciate the support y’all giving my mom,” Senna tweeted. “But she is using the money y’all give her on the street to buy drugs.”

Suzy’s nephew wrote on Instagram that the family had tried to convince Suzy to attend rehab, but she refused. Perez reportedly signed herself out of rehab, which New York law allows. 

The family wanted to enroll her into a facility out of state, but Suzy wouldn’t accept help. “She has denied housing and staying at the psych to continue to do drugs,” Senna added. “Plus stop posting pics of my mom at her lowest.