What is a 0.75 Handicap? Handicap experience: 0.75

  Handicap 0.75 is one of the most popular types of bets currently available in football betting. So what is a 0.75 bet? Find out more details at news.22bet.com in the article below.

                                  What is a 0.75 Handicap?
The 0.75 handicap is also known as the half-1 handicap, 3/4 handicap, or 0.5-1 handicap. These are the different displays and symbols of this handicap. 3/4 handicap always attracts the attention of professional bettors when a strong team meets a weaker team. This bet is usually applied to battles with a difference in rank. Usually, it is easier for players to win rewards when choosing the bottom team.

If the upper door team handicaps the odds at 3/4, when the team wins by 1 goal difference, the player who bet on the upper door will win the bet but only eat half of the bet. If the top team wins by a difference of two or more goals, then the team that placed the top bet will receive all the bets that we have entered.

                            How to play the 0.75 handicap bet
When playing 3/4, there will be some situations that occur as follows:

– If you see the bottom team win or the final result according to the score (0-0, 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, …). The player who bets on the upper hand will lose completely, and the player who bets on the lower hand will win at a rate of 0.93.

– If the top team wins by 1 table, the top player will receive half of the bet, and the bottom team will have to lose half of the money.

– If the upper door team wins by 2 goals, the player following the upper door team will eat enough money at a rate of 0.95 and according to the lower door, you will lose all the money you spent. 

             Experience in handicap betting: 3/4, handicap 0.75
Handicap 3/4 (or half, handicap 0.75, or 0.5-1) occurs when there is a difference between two teams. The house that offers this bet, if you want to make enough money, usually has to have a difference of 2 goals, so if you want to play this bet, players need to consider choosing which team has a stronger attack. Here are some tips you can apply:

  • Choose the upper bet if the top team has a better attack and the bottom team has a poor defense.
  • Choose the bottom door if the bottom team is playing at home, the upper door has a very popular attack equal to that of the lower door team.
  • Choose the top bet if the top team is the home team and has a superior attack than the bottom team.
  • Handicap 3/4 has a payout of about 0.8 or more, but has a continuous increase and decrease before the game takes place, especially 30 minutes before the ball rolls, the experience in the bet is to choose the home team.

To be able to place an accurate bet, players should let the match take place for about 15 minutes, then choose a bet based on the lineup and playstyle of the 2 teams.
Hopefully, the above article has also helped you understand what the 0.75 handicap is and these betting experiences. You can register to enter the house easily, follow the hottest betting matches.